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The long term, somewhat ambitious (for me, at least!) aim for this website is for me to notate the tunes I've written and put them up here for anyone to play. Seems a shame to compose tunes and not do that. What if I fall under a bus? Or if I live long enough I'll die anyway (I've been told that is what happens...). Shame to take the tunes to my grave when they could live on with other people playing and enjoying them.

Until I get around to notating the tunes I've written, I'll also be hosting various music collections.

To start off we have the collection of music for the French music session in Ely.

Whats with the funny website name?

When I was reading a book about software engineering one of the articles mentioned the word Sprezzaturra. Sprezzaturra is an Italian word for something approximating "Effortless Grace", which I think is a suitable thing to aim for in any discipline. I thought it would be a good title for a website describing my musical journey (when I get around to that notating bit...)

Contact: stephen [at] sprezzaturra [dot] com

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