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Music in Ely

Joachim Kehren has started a French music session in the City of Ely, Cambridgeshire. The session usually takes place on the second Tuesday of the month in the The Prince Albert public house on Silver Street. How to get to the session.

You can contact Joachim using kajo dot kehren [at] virgin dot net

Joachim's intention is that we introduce a variety of tunes each month, roughly ten, so that by the end of the year there is a core of 120 different tunes. Some people learn at different rates. For me ten is really pushing it, I get distracted and go off composing tunes rather than learning them. Anyway we'll see what happens.

What if I can't read music?
Don't worry, we don't expect you to be able to read music. Just come along and play and enjoy yourself.

The session attracts a range of instruments, Melodeons, Hurdy Gurdies, Bagpipes, Accordions, Violin, Clarinets etc. Some instruments have a restricted range of notes and keys (Bagpipes in particular) and some are diatonic instruments. Typical key signatures are G, Gm, Gmix, C, D, Dm, Dmix. Am. The type of music played is mainly French with bits of Spanish, Breton, and other European dance tunes. Tunes are for couple dancing. Typical dances are Bourree, Waltz, Mazurka, Schottische, Polka, Jig, various Breton, Fandango, Jota and Muniera.

This is not a "diddly diddly" Irish/Scottish session. There is nothing wrong with Irish/Scottish music (we like it), but there are plenty of other sessions where you can play that style of music, so this session is strictly not for that style of music. I mention this so that you will not be disappointed if you attend hoping to play a Strathspey or Slip Jig.

Music, ABC, MIDI

On the music pages we provide each tune with a musical stave, music in ABC format and music as a MIDI file so that you can listen to the music with your computer's music/media player (or a synthesiser). There are many free ABC players available for Windows, the Mac and Linux operating systems and also for some handheld PCs. Google will help you find them.

Some of the Bourrees and Mazurkas are a bit fast in the MIDI files (I guess the people transcribing them dance very fast!), so don't worry if you can't play them that fast, we won't be either.

Contact: stephen [at] sprezzaturra [dot] com

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